Thursday, 12 April 2012

A bit of a catch up.....

So I was very disappointed when I saw the quality of the photographs on my last post.  I shall not be taking any important photos with my new iPad from now on, I think the camera is really only there for things like Skype, which is proving invaluable with my daughter now working in Lanzarote for the Summer.

Oh and hi out there to Mum & Dad who have now gone all technical and linked to my blog {waves}!

First of all a couple of welcome visitors to my garden recently.  They turn up every day looking for food and for a swim in our pond!  I am keeping my fingers crossed they consider our garden a good place to nest.

And some more garden goodness that made me smile when I looked out the kitchen window.  I just had to grab my camera and get some shots of Spring.

DH and me waiting to see....Barry Manilow - well we were in Vegas so it had to be done!!!

My gorgeous boy!  Funny how I can never get Thickers to stay put ... except here where I placed them down with the intention of moving them about and you guessed it, they stuck fast.  But I think I just about get away with it!  Inspiration from Shanna Noel.

A layout I did a while back but I was quite pleased with the result and I wanted to share.

This is from an idea by Shimelle where you make the layout first and then find a photo/s to fit.  Genius!! 

Another from Shimelle's idea of create the layout and find a photo that fits.

This is a scraplift from Lisa Truesdell.  As soon as I saw it I just had to have a go.

I know this was on my last post but it wasn't a very good photo and M&D would like to see a clearer version I am sure!

Sorry for so many images but I did need to catch up!


  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog Sandra. I have enjoyed your feast of layouts today - that last one with the hanging banner under the photo especially caught my eye. I do love banners!

  2. Gorgeous pages Sandra - I love them all from the stitching to the papers....thank you for sharing them all :)

  3. I love your spring flower photos. Wow - what a load of layouts. My favourites are the last two. I love the one with the stitched heart - I have that in my to do pile too. And the banners on the last one are fabulous.

  4. Wow, your layouts and photos are gorgeous.