Friday, 30 December 2011

December 2011

I was determined to get a post in for December 2011 meaning I have managed to blog once per month since I began in September.  I know this isn't brilliant but it's a start and I do fully intend to blog a little more often next year if I possibly can. 

Anyway I have been busy scrapping over this nice long Christmas break.  The firm I work for closes down for 2 weeks which in some ways is lovely but we do have to take the time out of our own holiday  This doesn't really seem fair to me as I like to travel during the year but run out of days off far too quickly!  These layouts are quite random, going back to 1984 and coming up to this year.  My DH has been scanning our pre-digital photos onto the computer for me and I just can't get enough of the old ones.
That's us in 1984 - fresh faced and fancy free!

Amazing Alcatraz back in September this year.  I wonder if I always stand on that side of him?!

My darling little 15 year old?!

Another oldie from the 80's.

I caught this photo of DD when she was little, nursing Tiny Tears on her ELC chair perched on her bed!  We always say it must have been madness!!  She laughed at the photo so hard she has put it on her Facebook page to confirm what her friends already think!!

The adorable houses in Alamo Square, San Francisco.  Shame the sun was in the wrong place after we'd made the effort to get there.  I think I should spend some time getting to know my camera better to see if I could have taken more impressive photos in the circumstances. 

Wishing you all a very Happy Scrappy New Year!