Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Scrapbooking Contest Entry

I do like to view scrapbooking and craft videos on YouTube and recently discovered the talents of mercytiara who shows the process she goes through to produce the most outstanding layouts in a fun and interesting way.  I actually found her video channel through a link from another blog (sorry can't remember which) showing the great idea of how to use QR codes on your scrapbooks.  Feeling curious?  Then look here to find out what I mean.  Genius!

Anyway currently she has a challenge to upload something that celebrates scrapbooking and mine just had to be a tribute to the many lovely friends I have made through my hobby.  These particular photos include some of us on the annual exodus to Eastbourne to scrap, chat and be a bit lot silly.  As my journalling says, I don't know what I would do without my lovely craft friends - those present in the pictures and those who weren't there too of course!!!

I hope you like my layout and thank you for looking.

(That's me with the silly green headgear!)


  1. Beautiful page Sandra and I love the photos :)...have to ask....why pirates? Love the papers and stitching and those doilies - will have to look them up.

    1. Lol our friend Gaye, who organises the retreat each year, always has a theme and decorates the crop room beautifully and creates challenges and treats in keeping with it. The deal is we have to dress up for dinner on the Saturday night and attend the pre-dinner drinks photo party! Previous years have included PJ party, anything purple, 1950s and this year the theme is cowboys so watch this space...... They are used to us at the hotel now!

  2. Ooh, Sandra, I just love this entry! The layering is so beautiful and I love how you used those doilies. Thanks so much for playing along with my challenge!

  3. Brings back memories - I do love our crop. Love all the details and fab sewing - another gorgeous layout.

  4. Dare I watch her you tube videos .... I lost yesterday evening to them lol. Oh Sandra, I couldn't agree more with you about the good friends made through our hobby. This is such an amazing layout :).

  5. Great layout-and thanks for the link-off for a look!

  6. Hello fellow Sandra!,

    Thanks for popping by my blog the other day (actually last week I think, I've gotten a bit behind!) and for your lovely comment on my flower scarf. I do hope you do manage to try out some flowers of your own, they are lovely to make and some things are just meant to be...!

    Love your scrap booking pages, very pretty.

    Sandra x