Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Today I thought I would share some of my very latest layouts.  I am finding my way around the blogging world at the moment so not quite sure how this will turn out.  I think I need to perfect photographing my layouts but here I am just aiming to successfully upload some images to my blog! 

Yes this is where I would rather be - behind the camera not in front!  This one was taken in the lift at the spa hotel I went to with my daughter Amy for her 18th birthday girlie treat.

An old photograph of me in my dancing days circa 1972.  I didn't think I was that happy with this layout when I finished it and yet looking at it now I am quite pleased with it after all.  Notice that even then I was happier to hide my face from the camera (I am second in from the right)!

Another old photograph, this time of my husband, around about the 1960's.  I loved the carefree delight captured in this photo and scrapped it in my favourite colours so I am pleased with the outcome.  After creating a 50th birthday album for him I have got a pile of photos from his younger days just waiting to be scrapped.  His parents were very prolific photographers and I wish my parents had been the same.  Sadly I can remember the film in their camera would last from holiday to holiday so photos of my childhood are few and far between!

I have lots of photos of my husband's 50th birthday celebrations with our oldest  friends at The Belfry in Birmingham in June this year, so I am glad to have made a start on them.  I was particularly pleased with the little file folders I cut on my Cricut and then I downloaded this free 'old typewriter' font from here that I really love and am sure I will be using again. http://www.dafont.com/old-typewriter.font
So I have managed to upload some photos but not without issues - I have found it very hard to move things around and so it has taken me an age.  I am hoping to become a bit more proficient at it otherwise I fear I will be put off.

Today I have been working from home which was nice because I was able to meet up with Michelanne at lunchtime for a coffee as she was taking her dear little Jimmy to have his vaccinations - I hope they didn't hurt him too much MA.  It would be such a shame to have him upset as he is such a happy little soul.

Tomorrow I think I am going to be making some apple pies as the lawn is littered with apples so I will have a lovely autumny floury time in the kitchen.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

First Ever Post

Anyone who knows me will understand why it has taken me so long to decide on how I want my blog to look and to actually start blogging.   At the moment I particularly enjoy scrapbooking and crochet with a little bit of sewing thrown in for good measure.  Having said that I love any sort of craft so my favourites list changes continually as I also enjoy knitting, photography, jewellery making, baking and even furniture renovation.  I am into home decor and am always pursuing lovely things to bring into my home, although my husband would just call it shopping!  I would like to share my interests with you and hope you like what you see.  Thank you for visiting and please do come back soon.