Thursday, 26 January 2012


I decided to call this post January 2012 as it's the only one I've done this month so it covers a few subjects. 


Some gorgeous photos we found of Steve with his Dad on the beach when he was little.  


A memento of my hair-raising bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge.  I don't like cycling at the best of times but noone told me it was going to be a 9 mile trip from San Francisco to Sausalito.  I couldn't stop on the bridge as that would hold up the other cyclists behind me.  I'm glad we went back to beautiful Sausalito a couple of days later to see it without the stress.  Bike The Bridge is not an attraction I would personally recommend although Steve thought it was amazing.  Hmm Venus and Mars comes to mind!  And really, those hats!

Our hire car - a V8 Ford Mustang convertible - the business!  So the way to see California!

My Dad's 80th Birthday Party

My dear Dad was 80 years old on the 19th January and my older brother and his wife hosted a party for him in their lovely home in Buckinghamshire.  All the family were there and it was just the nicest day you could imagine.  I must thank my sweet sister-in-law Julie for all the work it took to organise it so well.

A real family gathering

The spread was amazing, to which my personal contribution was the cupcakes and the birthday cake; the famous Rainbow Cake.  I was so pleased with the outcome and glad I decided to splash out on the Wilton gel colourings to get the beautiful, vivid effect inside.  Admired by all and it didn't half taste good too, even if I do say so myself!!! 


I have pledged a Monthly Make for 2012

I signed up for this at Annie, the Felt Fairy's blog at the beginning of the year and, apart from the layouts above and the baking I have done, I found the time to make this dear little felt owl which was from a free template at Bugs and Fishes by Lupin blog  I loved making it but feel he needs a friend or two now to keep him company!

Thanks for looking.


  1. I will say the layouts are just fabulous, but the words "oh my word" came out of my mouth nust now when I saw that stunning cke ... I even had to show it to Simon. WOW Sandra talk about impressive.

    What a lovely round up of your month, looks like its going to be a good year Fi you :) and I must say, I think I may have a go at thy owl ... How cute :)

  2. Wow! I love the layouts you have done! They easily qualify for your MM as does that amazing cake! Then you show us a lovely owl! You started the year with a real trio of treats! Well done you!

  3. I managed a mile's walk across from Sausilito once, and it was amazing. I'm impressed with the cycling! Love your owl - I've just signed up (late as always!) so am visiting some of the blogs in the challenge. Love the cake - your dad must have been thrilled.

  4. Lovely to see your owl, Sandra! I'm planning a blog post featuring some of the owls people have been making from my tutorial - would it be okay to include your photo? (I would of course credit you and include a link to your blog). No worries if you'd rather not :)

    1. I would love for you to do that! Thank you so much! :)

    2. Hi Sandra,

      Just to let you know, I have FINALLY written a post sharing the owls people have made from my tutorial!

      Thanks again for letting me share your photo :)

  5. That little owl is adorable. What a lovely make. I'm yet to post mine for this month, guess I'd better hurry up! What an amazing cake, I don't think I have seen anything quite like it before.
    Fiona xx

  6. Love the layouts Sandra and that owl is so cute. All I can say about the cake is AMAZING!!! x

  7. You are so on a roll again! Gorgeous Layouts, glad to see the car one finished, and love the bridge too far as well. Scrummy little owl, and that cake is amazing - well done, I would love to see that on my table any day!

  8. Wow love the pages and that gorgeous owl...but I have serious rainbow cake envy...what a FANTASTIC cake :)

  9. Just found you via Sandra's blog- lovely pages and I love that cake!